5 Tips to Reduce Stress & Increase Peace


leaf on beach

Many people have a tendency to make life unnecessarily difficult for themselves by wasting time, energy, and power on anger and worry.  Most of what we see as stressful situations are actually just our own imaginations going straight to the worst case scenario and focusing on it. If we want to live effective, peaceful lives we need to stop fuming and fretting and embrace our power.  Here are some tips to help you adopt a new pattern of thinking and acting and get some peace back into your life.

  1. Slow down your pace. What is the meaning of the unending rush we subject ourselves to?  Is it really necessary to overstimulate and super-excite ourselves to the point that we suffer?  All this hurry is debilitating and produces toxic poisons in the body, ultimately creating emotional and physical illness.  We become fatigued and frustrated.  Take care of yourself by moving through life in a smooth, unhurried tempo.  Whatever you really want in life will still be there when you arrive if you work toward it without stress.
  2. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Listen deeply when you are there.  The funny thing about nature is that while there is always activity, the sounds are quiet and harmonious.  Listen to the song of the wind through the trees, the water in a babbling brook, the ocean waves lapping onto the soft, sandy shores, or the sweet notes of birds singing their hearts out.  Nature has a way of making us feel deeply refreshed.
  3. Practice being peaceful. Talk to yourself daily and say “don’t worry”.  What good does worrying do anyway?  How is this anger and frustration benefiting my life?  Think peaceful thoughts.  Take ten to fifteen minutes each day to sit or lie down still and quiet and pass a series of peaceful thoughts through your mind.  Think about nature, imagining the lofty mountains, the misty valleys, the silver moonlight on the water, the lakes lying like gems in the forest.  The body is sensitive to the types of thoughts that pass through the mind and will respond accordingly.  Think about words such as calmness, tranquility, serenity, and quietness. 
  4. Relax your muscles. While you are sitting still, practice progressive muscle relaxation.  Focus on one body part at a time starting with your feet.  Picture each muscle in your mind, tense it up slightly, and release the tension while you exhale.  Work your way up through each muscle of the body all the way to the head.
  5. Wake up slowly. When you first wake up, sit quietly for a few minutes.  Then, sing or hum a happy tune.  Drink a nice tall glass of cool water and then sit and enjoy eating your breakfast slowly.  Read something positive and uplifting.  If you start your day in a relaxed, peaceful manner, it is quite likely that the rest of your day will be equally calm.  For some, this may mean getting up earlier.

Learning the art of letting go of all nervous excitement doesn’t happen overnight but with some practice, you will see improvement.  Struggles may come your way but you will be much better equipped to handle them!


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