Signs of Detoxification With Reflexology

It is common knowledge that our bodies are bombarded with toxins from a variety of sources daily.  Radiation, pollution, household chemicals, pesticides, long term use of pharmaceutical drugs, food preservatives, refined sugar, alcohol, plastic food storage containers and cigarettes are just some of the many examples of these toxins.  Without an effective method of detoxification, the toxins will eventually cause health problems for you.  Your body is designed to heal, detoxify and regenerate itself but with the toxin overload it is subjected to in today’s world, it will no doubt need some help. 

The good news is, there are a variety of ways that you can help boost your body’s own detoxification system including drinking lots of clean water, exercising regularly, eliminating toxic foods and drinks and even getting a colonic or two.

Foot reflexology is not only a potent way to help remove toxins from the body, it is extremely relaxing and leaves you feeling pampered!  The experiences of those who have had foot reflexology vary from person to person but often-times, toxin elimination is accompanied with some minor side effects.  Keep in mind that while some of these symptoms may not be pleasant, they are a positive sign that treatment is working!

-A general sense of rest and relaxation

-A tingling feeling in the body

-A sense of flowing energy throughout the body or to a particular body part

-An increase in energy


-Increased gas release including burping and flatulence

-Perspiration of hands or feet

-Watery eyes

-A sensation of being cold

-A sensation of being warm or hot flashes

-Feeling light headed

-Coughing or sneezing

-Emotional displays such as crying or laughing

-An overwhelming desire to sleep

-Lethargy or tiredness

-Loose, relaxed muscles


-Disappearance of pain and discomfort


-Runny nose

-Skin reactions such as spots or a temporary rash

-Funny taste in mouth

-Flare ups of existing or previous conditions that have never truly healed

-Increased urination

-Increased bowel movements or diarrhea

I know, this list probably seems daunting but don’t let that stop you from detoxing.  Remember that these are a positive sign that your reflexology treatment is working and symptoms usually diminish over the following 24 hours after a session. Toxin elimination through foot reflexology is most certainly worth it for your long-term health and longevity!