Morning Boost Juice

Time to get your juicer out again! This tangy and citrusy Morning Boost Juice is a great way to start your day.  The list of health benefits of the combination lemons, tangerines, apples and ginger in one drink are sky high!  Improved digestion, lowered cholesterol, detoxification, better iron absorption, smoother bowel movements, healthier skin & hair, decreased blood pressure, strengthened immune system, decreased inflammation, regulated blood sugar, boosted liver & kidney function and increased weight loss are just some of the items on the list.


Hint: When juicing fruits, always use the freshest and most organic ingredients you can find; that way the juice will have maximum flavour and your body will reap the rewards.morning-boost-juice

-5 lemons

-5 tangerines

-2 apples

-fresh ginger, 1″ piece or to taste

-water (optional)


Hint: Depending on your juicer’s manufacturer directions, you may want to peel the lemons and tangerines before using them.

Peel lemons and tangerines if needed.  Quarter the apples and halve the ginger piece. Push all ingredients through the juicer.

This recipe makes approximately 3-4 cups of concentrated juice.  I personally find this juice quite strong straight from the juicer so feel free to pour it into a large juice jug and dilute it with water to taste.