Organic Peppermint Lip Balm

I made a small batch of my favourite home made organic lip balm today! This recipe is simple, effective and all natural.


Melting beeswax, coconut oil, coco butter, shea butter and olive oil together

-1 tsp beeswax

-3/4 tsp coconut oil

-3/4 tsp coco butter

-1/2 tsp shea butter

-2 tsp olive oil

-2 drops peppermint essential oil


Place all ingredients in a double boiler and constantly stir mixture just till beeswax is melted. I personally do not own a double boiler so I use a glass bowl in a pot of boiling water instead which works just as well.  Pour into tubes or pots using a funnel and cool.  And that’s it.  Super easy!
Tips: Keep in mind that the olive oil is yellow and can be replaced with another carrier oil if you prefer a more white lip balm.  Feel free to add natural colour as desired.
Still warm lip balm, cooling  on the counter