What Does Reflexology Feel Like?

I had a first time reflexology client the other day tell me that reflexology feels better than a full body massage. Of course, she admitted to me that she LOVES having her feet rubbed and touched and may be a bit biased…but if you’ve been on your feet all day, reflexology can feel like heaven! … More What Does Reflexology Feel Like?


10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Next Reflexology Session

Whether you are new to reflexology or if you have been getting reflexology treatments for some time, these 10 tips will help you to to achieve maximum benefit from future sessions! 1.Wear warm and comfortable clothing. Reflexology works best when you are completely relaxed and if you are anything like me, you relax best in clothing … More 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Next Reflexology Session

Signs of Detoxification With Reflexology

I know, this list probably seems daunting but don’t let that stop you from detoxing. Remember that these are a positive sign that your reflexology treatment is working and symptoms usually diminish over the following 24 hours after a session. Toxin elimination through foot reflexology is most certainly worth it for your long-term health and longevity! … More Signs of Detoxification With Reflexology

Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Sandalwood

http://www.lifetreenaturals.com Sandalwood (Santalum album) comes from a small, evergreen tree with pinky-purple flowers.  The essential oil is either steam or water-distilled from the powdered heart wood of the tree and its major roots.  Sandalwood has been an important part of devotional rituals in India for at least 2000 years.  The ancient Egyptians also used it … More Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Sandalwood

Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Roman Chamomile

http://www.lifetreenaturals.com Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis, Chamaemelum nobile) is a low-growing, perennial herb.  Roman Chamomile essential oil is made from the herb’s white flowers.  As the name suggests, the scent was used by the Romans for incense and in beverages.  An interesting fact about the herb is it is often referred to as “the plant doctor” … More Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Roman Chamomile

Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Lavender

http://www.lifetreenaturals.com Lavender (Lavandula vera, Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula officinalis) is a very pretty, perennial, bushy shrub with purple or blue flowers.  Egyptians and ancient Arabians used lavender as perfume while in ancient Greece, lavender was considered a cure for things such as insomnia and insanity.    It is quite well-known that lavender is the most popular, … More Calming Aromatherapy Scents: Lavender