What are Meridians and Qi/Chi?

Often the lives we lead and the abuses we place on our own bodies cause stress. Sometimes, that stress becomes so intense and constant that we can become overloaded. At this point the body needs a “reset” before energy can flow again properly. The return of this energy flow helps the body to rest and repair itself naturally. … More What are Meridians and Qi/Chi?


Chicken Taco Salad

This is one tasty, low-carb dish!  Plus the aroma of the chicken and the spices in the slow cooker makes the house smell divine!  If you are anything like me and often crave that Mexican or Tex-Mex flavor but don’t want the high carbohydrate count, give this salad a try. Serves: 6 Chicken Taco Filling: … More Chicken Taco Salad